Washington Township

Generosity Abounds

Generosity Abounds in Washington Township

The philanthropic efforts for the park system in Washington Township have been overwhelming. Those that have recognized the need for places to enjoy the great outdoors for family, neighbors, and friends alike, have stepped up to provide some of the best recreational areas in Erie County; hidden gems that have blossomed due to the forward-thinking of many of our citizens. 

Wainer Park is named in honor of the Wainer family of Edinboro, over the years they have donated more than 82 acres of land adjacent to the Washington Township administration office. This generous donation gave us the opportunity to create Wainer Park, Veterans Memorial Park, and, most recently, Inspiration Park.  In addition to the numerous picnic pavilions with their gorgeous views, visitors can partake in a diverse range of activities such as walking trails, sled riding, cross-country skiing, and even fat-tire biking.  We are in the planning stages for a bicycle pump track and hope to develop more community assets in the future. The community owes a debt of gratitude to the Wainer family for all that they have done. 

It’s not an easy task to transform our parks and public lands into usable recreation areas. Many members of the community, both individuals and corporations, have come forward to offer their time and financial support.  For example, Veterans Memorial Park would not look so grand without the generosity of individual citizens and fundraisers such as the Turkey Shoot.  Substantial donations from Sheetz Corporation and A. Duchini Inc. funded the construction of the gazebo and the long, curved, brick wall behind the Veterans monument, respectively.  Numerous Edinboro businesses have been exceedingly generous in their donations of money, time, and talents to our parks and public lands: Gillette Masonry built Veterans Monument, the brick structure that holds the commemorative brass plaques representing various military branches; Brian Dailey Concrete installed the handicapped accessible sidewalks; Tom Schruers keeps Veterans Park stone, brick and concrete looking pristine every year;  Nate Latimer spends countless hours cutting brush for bike trails, grooming cross country ski trails and making lasting improvements to the parks.   Former Councilman David Patterson continues to volunteer in our parks (for more Info see: Inspiration Park).  My apologies in advance, I’ve likely not mentioned everyone who has contributed over the years; the number of people we have to thank is numerous and quite humbling.

Environmental conservation is important to the Edinboro Lake community.  A tree planted as a living tribute, or simply to add beauty to a park, can provide years of natural benefits.  In memory of Roy Carlson, a lifelong Edinboro resident, his daughter Jan Zert and her husband gifted over twenty acres of land and water space.  Located within Peninsula Park, Carlson Point juts out into the lake, making it ideal for fishing, kayaking, and birdwatching. This donation ensures the natural wonders of this environmentally sensitive area will remain intact for the enjoyment of future generations. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the land is precious, we aren’t making it anymore. 

If you use and enjoy the local parks and public lands of Washington Township and wish to see them further developed, then please consider donating money, time, talents or materials. Whether a simple gift of a tree or bench or perhaps plantings for a butterfly garden, no matter how large or small, we at Washington Township will see that your tribute endures for all to enjoy.

Together we can beautify and build our parks and public lands so that these natural resources continue to be evolving community assets for present and future generations

Consider attending the Parks & Recreation Committee where the overall park plan is being developed. Meetings are on the First Tuesday of each month at 4:30 P.M at the Washington Township Municipal Building.