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Inspiration Park

Just what is an inspiration? A trip to the Webster dictionary describes it as follows: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. All know when we are inspired and inspiration can be create some amazing results. Inspiration can come from the generosity of others as well. That is the case when Washington Township was gifted some 70 acres or land already adjacent to current park lands. The day it was announced these rolling fields and wooded terrain were going to be added to recreational amenities of the Township, everyone started to envision just what could be done to provide long-lasting outdoor fun for all to enjoy. Yes, we were inspired and that is how the name of this gorgeous piece of heaven came to be. Inspiration Park is situated just behind the Veteran’s Memorial Park and adjacent to Wainer Park at the rear portion of the Municipal Complex.

Take a walk around the paths that already exist and you will see lovely views of the woods, and a beautiful deep pond surrounded by fertile fields. Wildlife abounds in this area. Those of you that enjoy bird watching will be pleased to know that Bald Eagles have been seen in the park area. This park doesn’t allow hunting so you can feel comfortable visiting it any time of the year.

In the following year we hope to upgrade a roadway into the middle of the park and provide for an alternative exit onto Neyland Road as well. The establishment of a parking area near the pond and some removal of red brush will also be completed. Cross-country ski trails that are professionally groomed have already been added and we hope to see an area for sled riding too.

The long-term outlook is nothing but inspiration itself. This area has the potential to be a tremendous resource for those members of our community to be proud of, perhaps various fields for sporting events, walking/biking trails, and pavilions or maybe even an indoor event center. The sky is the limit and we hope that future generations will be able to continue the inspiration and see this park mature and blossom just like the wild flowers that grow on the property. Take your own inspirations to the park and let them fulfill you as you enjoy the great outdoors in Washington Township.

Pavilion Dedicaton

After nearly 24 years of dedicated service to Washington Township as a councilman, Dave Patterson has decided to pass the torch onto a new generation. Dave has served on the township’s Planning Commission, Sewer Authority and positions within the Borough of Edinboro.  His commitment to the citizens of Washington Township is unparalleled. In the all the years of service he has not taken a single dime in pay for his efforts. Dave has spent hundreds of hours at Inspiration Park  cutting down dangerous trees and clearing the brush to open the park up for all to enjoy and all at his own expense. Township Council wanted all to appreciate his efforts and named this location in his honor. Tim Dillen of Neyland Road has been named as Patterson’s successor by council and has some darn big shoes to fill. Please join us in thanking Dave for always putting the Township first and foremost in his decision making.

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