Elected and Appointed Officials

The Township of Washington is governed by an elected body organized under the Second Class Township Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. That Board is called the Council and consists of five (5) elected officials, each serving staggered four (4) year terms. During a typical municipal election year either two (2) or three (3) positions will be open for election.

Council is charged with the general government of the Township to secure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Community. To accomplish that task Council adopts laws, known as ordinances, that governs various activities within the Township. The Board is restricted in areas in which it can exercise control by both the Second Class Township Code and various other laws of the Commonwealth.

Yearly Council appoints a Township Manager who is charged by Council to implement the ordinances it passes and to manage the annual budget of the Township which is adopted by Council by December 31st for the following calendar year.

The Council meets on a semi-monthly basis (first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. and the third Tuesday of the month at 4:00 p.m., with a Workshop scheduled on an as-needed basis every fourth Tuesday of the month, in Council chambers) to conduct business on behalf of the Township. All meetings of Council are open to the public with an opportunity at each meeting for public comment. If a resident has a concern he or she feels needs to be addressed by the Township, the individual is encouraged to contact the Township Manager’s Office which may be able to address the manner promptly and/or schedule an appropriate time for that individual to present concerns to Council. Residents are encouraged to present their views on Township matters on any of the means that are available, including letters, e-mail, and telephone or voice mail. Council strives to have all means available to facilitate your communication with Township officials.

Washington Township is located within the General McLane School District, 49th Senatorial District, 5th Representative District, and the 6th County Council District.

50th Senatorial DistrictMichelle Brooks814-734-2783      
49th Senatorial DistrictDan Laughlin814-453-2515
4th District State RepresentativeRyan Bizzarro814-734-2773
6th County Council DistrictScott Rastetter814-790-8497
District JusticeDenise Stuck-Lewis814-734-5626
Real Estate/ School Tax CollectorJon Foulkrod814-402-7580
EIT & OPT / Em. Serv. Coll.Berkheimer Associates814-833-4870
Washington Township Tax CollectorJon Foulkrod


Washington Township is managed by Norman Willow.

Township Council

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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of five members appointed by Council. They serve 4-year overlapping terms. The Planning Commission has the responsibility to review all proposed subdivision/land development plans, conditional use, and non-conforming use applications and to make recommendations to Council.

Under the authority granted by the PA Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247 of 1986, as amended), the Planning Commission’s main purpose is to guide land use and development, a responsibility delegated by the State to local municipalities. To accomplish this, the Planning Commission has formalized its goals and policies in a Comprehensive Plan, a Zoning Ordinance, and an official map. All are revised and updated to reflect the evolving ideas about how a community should grow. In these and other activities, the Commission attempts to solve current problems and to present to the community a plan for the future.

When requested by Council, the Commission is responsible for making recommendations concerning zoning in the Township; promoting public interest in, and understanding of, the comprehensive plan and planning in general, plus numerous other matters.

The Planning Commission meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Administration Building.

Chuck Weiss, Chairman
Sam Kim814-734-0791
Diann Smith814-460-1372
Lee Rexrode 
Michael Prihoda 
Tim Dillen, Council Representative

Sewer & Water Authority

Vacant, Chairperson

Dennis Bake, Vice Chairman814-323-7218
Karl Nordberg, Treasurer814-734-1360
Randy Grabill, Assistant Treasurer814-734-7171
Norm Willow, Temporary Secretary814-572-8797
 Brian Burke, Council Representative 

Zoning Hearing Board

Becky Travis814-734-3017
Noelle Kim814-734-0791
Janet Kelly814-734-7691
John Burawa814-651-3586
Karyn Puller814-464-7260
Ed Betza, Solicitor814-456-4000
Lydia Laythe Council Representative814-734-7649

Parks and Recreation

Nate Latimer
David Patterson
Hannah Lovell
Bob Santos
Katelyn Artman