Washington Township

Water and Sewer

2023 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report


Washington Township is pleased to report that our drinking water meets federal and state requirements.

Help Improve water & Sewer Billing

We have improved our utility billing to allow e-billing of your bills. Due to the change by the U.S. Post Office of mail sorting in Pittsburgh rather than Erie, the time for mailings to turn around and arrive has lengthened. In addition, we have seen an increase in lost billing in the mail. We strongly encourage you to contact your local Post Office and inform them of missing mail (we may not be the only mail your not getting) but also give serious consideration to e-billing so that hard paper copies are eliminated completely. If you visit https://washtwp.authoritypay.com and register, you can see all your billing online and receive notification of future billing via email, safe and simple. Let us know if we can help and hope you consider this service to improve your billing of utilities. 

Water and Sewer Information

The Washington Township Water Authority is officially dissolved and the Sewer Authority has taken over the duties of the Water Authority, creating the Washington Township Sewer/ Water Authority. This combination will improve the services of the Authority and make a one-stop shop for developers to move more effectively through the detailed process. We appreciate the dedication of all the Authority members. 

Backflow Preventors

The Washington Township Sewer/Water Authority rules and regulations require the regular inspection of backflow preventors on all non-residential connections to the public system. A copy of the rules are attached for your information. Please forward them to the appropriate body so that the rules are adhered to and inspections are performed and recorded. If you have any questions concerning these rules and regulations, please contact Joe Yurcak, DPW Coordinator, at 734-1063 during regular business hours 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, M-F. Those who do not perform the required inspection will face fines and/or possible shut-off of water services for failure to abide by the rules and regulations. 

Download the Backflow Preventor Regulations (.doc)

Download the Backflow Preventor Inspection Report (.doc)

Smoke Testing finds Inflow and Infiltration

Washington Township continually seeks to find sources of I&I (inflow and infiltration) of clean water into the sewer system. This costs the sewer users unnecessarily as they pay for the treatment of clean water. The systems pays per gallon, clean or not. Therefore it is of highest priority to remove any and all sources of I&I. We have many tools to seek out and identify those problem areas. This video sources the results of a recent smoke test in the Township that reveals a downspout attached to the sewer system. Notice the non-toxic smoke rising out of the spout and at the ground connection. A clean violation of the Township’s rules and regulations.  The owner will be responsible to correct this problem immediately. A large amount of rainwater is being directed into the sewer system when these violations occur. Rather than risk a fine, we suggest you contact the Township to have your system inspected. All homes in the sewer and water districts that are sold are required to have an inspection done by Township personnel prior to transfer closing.

Inflow and Infiltration Inspections

Washington Township continues to be aggressive with I & I within the sewer system. I & I is not typical sewage; Washington Township pays the Borough of Edinboro to treat sewage every month. Treatment costs are expensive and affect users’ fees. The Sewer Department will be conducting smoke testing to find illegal drains connected to the Township Sewer lines. This may intail roof drains, sup-pumps, stormwater drains, etc., and if found, the property owner is liable for fines. If you are concerned that you may have an illegal connection that you wish to correct, please call the Township office to schedule an inspection.

New Sewer Customers Come Online

Washington Township is pleased to report that the Edinboro Mobile Home Village on Capp Road is now a utilizing the public sewer system. The mobile home park had its own sewage treatment system for years, but due to needs to reduce potential problems in the operation and maintenance under Department of Environmental Protection rules and regulations, the owner made the conscientious decision further safeguard the environment and tap into the nearby public system. This is the result of the massive undertaking by Washington Township to remove its discharge from Edinboro Lake hand have the Borough of Edinboro’s topnotch treatment operation properly treat and discharge the effluent. The multimillion-dollar expansion and redirection of the old Angling Road treatment plant will service our community for many years to come. These additional customers also will stabilize the rates for current customers as well. As growth has been minimal within the Township, additional customers are most welcome.

Water Reads Go High Tech!

The Water Department is in the process of switching all water customers’ meter readings over to radio reads. This service will be more efficient than the old auto-dialer system in which your meter reads were received by us via phone with a designated computer and software. The readings will be collected by an employee driving by your home. We anticipate this new system to help all our water customers and we will enable us to provide better service.

Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) Checks

The Sewer Department continues checking sewer lines and laterals for inflow and infiltration. Many lines are old and have been damaged by roots. The reason for these checks is to stop groundwater from coming into the sewer lines. Washington Township pays Edinboro Borough to treat our sewage and if we are sending clean water along with sewage, then our costs will continue to rise. The Crews are looking for sump-pumps, roof drains, and other illegal connections to the public sewer system. The infiltration of stormwater cannot continue in Washington Township if we intend to keep costs down and the monthly bills from skyrocketing.

Sewer Department Notice

The sewer rate in Washington Township will be $75.00 per month. Sewer and water billing are now combined on one billing statement for your convenience. Both water and sewer service will be billed monthly. We do accept credit card payments via phone or at the Office. If you have any questions pertaining to billing, please call the Office and talk to Kelly.


Washington Township wishes to remind our residents in the Sewer District that if you are buying or selling your home, it is required by Ordinance #1-04 that the homes must be inspected to ensure that there is no inflow or infiltration to the Township’s sewer lines. This also ensures the new homeowners of purchasing an inspected home that is not in violation with the Township’s Code. Residents found in violation of the Ordinance risk a significant fine. If you have questions, please our Office.